Facilities, Parks and Playgrounds

The Town of Whitecourt developed a playground replacement program in 2014, which has outlined priorities for the next several years.  Last year, Baly playground and Southland Park equipment were replaced, and in 2016 Wagner playground is scheduled for replacement.  

Summer is an excellent time to get out and get active!  Visit one of our many parks and playgrounds or go for a walk or a bike ride.

Check out our new playground and park map

Maximize Allan & Jean Millar Centre
Maximize Forest Interpretive Centre & Heritage Park
Maximize Graham Acres
Maximize Outdoor Ice Rinks
Maximize Scott Safety Centre
Maximize Whitecourt Curling Rink
Maximize Whitecourt Golf and Country Club
Maximize Community Parks & Playgrounds
Maximize Anniversary Square
Maximize Centennial Park
Maximize Friendship Park
Maximize Heritage Park
Maximize Memorial Point
Maximize Off Leash Dog Park
Maximize Riverboat Park
Maximize Skateboard Park
Maximize Rotary Park

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