Bylaws created by the Town of Whitecourt are regularly reviewed and updated by Council.  All bylaws require three readings by Council before they take effect.   

Many bylaws, especially land use bylaws, require advertising and a public hearing before Council may approve them.  These are referred to as statutory public hearings, and are usually scheduled for 7:00 p.m. prior to a regular Council Meetings (normally the second and fourth Monday of the month).  Notice of a public hearing is posted on this website and advertised in local papers in advance of the hearing.

Bylaw Complaint

If you have a bylaw complaint , contact the Town Administration Office during office hours.  In order for Administration to record a complaint, you must be willing to give your name, address, and phone number.  This information is kept confidential.  Once a complaint has been made with Administration, it is passed on to the Peace Officer.

Bylaw tickets can be paid at the Town Administration Office during regular business hours.  If you have a complaint against an issued ticket, please complete a complaint form at the Town Administration Office or at the RCMP Detachment.

Below are some of the Town of Whitecourt's most frequently requested bylaws. Questions and requests for copies of other Town Bylaws can be directed to the Peace Officer who can be reached by phone at 780-778-2273 or 780-778-2238, or by email at

Maximize Animal Control Bylaw 1414
Maximize Addressing Bylaw 1423
Maximize Block Parties
Maximize Burn & Fire Permits
Maximize Community Standards Bylaw 1475
Maximize Hawkers and Pedlars Bylaw 1462
Maximize Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Bylaw 1138
Maximize Police and Fire False Alarms Bylaw 1406
Maximize Traffic Bylaw 1440
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