RCMP and Crime Prevention Programs

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment in Whitecourt is served by 14 Municipal Members, 3 Provincial Members, 5 support staff and various guards, matrons, and auxiliary constables.  Whitecourt also provides the command centre for Provincial Traffic Services and is home to a number of highway patrol staff.

Contact the RCMP at the numbers below or visit the RCMP website at: www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca.

Emergencies  911 
 Administration and Information    780-778-5900
 Complaints  780-778-5454
 Report A Drug House (RADH)    780-778-4774


Eagle Tower Victim Services

Eagle Tower Victim Services provides unbiased support, information, and referrals to victims of crime or tragedy.  In addition, we provide court orientation/preparation to victims or witnesses.  Our services are confidential and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Crime Prevention Programs

Whitecourt Town Council is committed to providing high quality and innovative services to keep our community healthy and safe.  This will be achieved through crime prevention initiatives, effective safety planning, and practical patrol strategies.

Automated Traffic Enforcement and the Safe Community Initiative

Since its inception in 2009, automated traffic enforcement has increased awareness, and changed driver behaviour.  The intent of the program is to facilitate the safe flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic resulting in safer roadways.

Sites for automated traffic enforcement are selected according to guidelines set out by the Province of Alberta.  Criteria for site selection include:

  • High-risk locations where the safety of citizens or police officers would be at risk through conventional enforcement methods.
  • High-frequency locations where data indicates motorists are ignoring or breaking traffic laws on an ongoing basis.
  • High-collision locations where data indicates a greater frequency of property damage, injury or fatal collisions.
  • High-pedestrian volume locations where data indicates a high volume of pedestrian traffic.

The Automated Traffic Enforcement Operators are Whitecourt Community Peace Officers who are community members.  Global Traffic Group is the contracted third party that provides the equipment, training, and technology to produce tickets on behalf of the Whitecourt Community Peace Officers.

Revenue generation is not the intent of the program.  That being said, a portion of the funds received from automated traffic enforcement over the years has been allocated to enhancing crime prevention and education, as well as other community projects.  The Safe Community Initiative was created in 2010 to ensure all elements of the automated traffic enforcement program focused primarily on community safety initiatives.  The following projects have recently received funding through the Safe Community Initiative:

Other capital projects that will receive support include:

  • The purchase of ice rescue boats
  • New lift at the Alliance Pipeline Aquatic Centre for those with physical challenges
  • Contributions to future purchase of an aerial truck
  • Purchase of emergency management equipment
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