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Mountain Pine Beetle Program

Mountain pine beetles pose a significant threat to Alberta’s pine forests.  Once attacked, healthy pine trees can die within one year.

Albertans play an important role in managing the mountain pine beetle infestation in the province.  Albertans should monitor pine trees on their property and remove any mountain pine beetle infested pine trees.

Early detection and control is critical in managing infestations and preventing further spread.

Typically, the Town of Whitecourt undertakes an annual Mountain Pine Beetle Control Program. The program involves assessing areas thoughout the community for infected trees, and performing control activities.  Below map details pine stand locations within Whitecourt.


For more information visit the Alberta Agriculture & Forestry website.

Mountain Pine Beetle - What are the signs?

  • Fine sawdust at the base of the tree and in the bark crevices;
  • Increased woodpecker activitiy (holes in trees, flaked off bark);
  • Grayish-blue wood.

For more information on mountain pine beetle, please read through our information brochure.

Releaf Program available for trees lost to Mountain Pine Beetle

Tree Canada's Alberta Mountain Pine Beetle Releaf Program is aimed at replacing trees lost to mountain pine beetle.  To apply for funding visit www.treecanada.ca or call 1-877-390-TREE (8733).

  • Residents who had individual tree(s) killed by mountain pine beetle may apply for a rebate of up to $500 off the estimated cost of a landscaped tree.  The online application and 1-2 photos of the mountain pine beetle damage can be sent to a Tree Canada Community Advisor for review and approval.  

Do you have questions about mountain pine beetle? Contact the Town of Whitecourt at 780-778-2273.