Cost Sharing Agreement


When was it signed?

June 24, 2008 and revised March 11, 2013; it is linked with the Water and Wastewater Agreement that provided services Woodlands County.   The Agreement expires December 31, 2019.  These agreements allow for considerable improvements in residents’ lives, long term industrial developments, and revenue sharing that benefit both municipalities.

What is it?

The agreement outlines Woodlands County’s funding commitments for:

  • Recreation services (operation and maintenance) for facilities (Allan & Jean Millar Centre, Scott Safety Centre); sports fields (Graham Acres); school fields (for community use); regional parks

  • Fire services (operation, maintenance, repair and provision) including: deployment of fire resources; fire investigation; and vehicle rescue and extraction

  • Police Services, including crime prevention services

  • Whitecourt Cemetery

  • Family and Community Support Services

  • Whitecourt & District Public Library

  • Whitecourt Woodlands Tourism

  • Linear Revenue Sharing (10.4%)

The agreement outlines Whitecourt’s funding commitments for:

  • Regional Parks (Hard Luck Canyon, Groat Creek Recreation Area)

  • Whitecourt Woodlands Tourism

  • Whitecourt Airport

  • Whitecourt Agricultural Society

What are the benefits?

This agreement is key to the continued enhancement of our quality of life.  It is the recreation services, modern infrastructure, and our safe community that makes people want to live here, and helps draw further investment to our region.

Cost sharing on services allows our communities to:

  • share resources,

  • create cost-efficiencies (cost savings),

  • build capacity (provide more to our residents), and

  • provide seamless, equitable service to all residents.

Whitecourt Council Committees (advisory boards) include representation by elected and public members from both communities.  The Committees’ roles are to recommend service levels, projects and accompanying budgets to respective Councils.  (examples include: Community Services Advisory Board, Whitecourt Woodlands Tourism, Whitecourt Library Board)

How are contributions calculated?

Contribution amounts for most cost shared services for Woodlands County are population based.  The amount Woodlands County pays depends on the number of people living in the service areas (pre-determined). 

In addition, Woodlands County annually transfers 10.4% of its linear assessment revenue to recognize that Woodlands County residents benefit from other services provided by Whitecourt.   Whitecourt allocates these funds to services of joint benefit, including school site development, road improvements, and railway crossing improvements; services that are provided by Whitecourt that impact County residents.

The numbers

Whitecourt Population 10,204 (2016 census)
Woodlands County Population (within the service area) 3,478 (2014 census)


  2018 Budgeted Figures   2018 Actual Figures
Woodlands County's Contribution $2,295,239   $2,036,030
Woodlands County's Linear Share $756,138   $738,807
Total Woodlands County Contribution $3,051,377   $2,774,837


  2019 Budgeted Figures
Woodlands County's Contribution $2,216,263
Woodlands County's Linear Share (reduced) $627,000
Total Woodlands County Contribution $2,843,263


Want more detailed information on the Cost Sharing Agreement?  

If you have questions regarding intermunicipal agreements please contact the Town Office at 780-778-2273.