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2022 Interim Budget Report

Council adopted the 2022 Interim Budget at the December 20, 2021 Regular Meeting of Council.  To view a copy of the report that provides highlights of the budget, click the link below.

Alberta municipal affairs - 2020 Municipal indicators

Each year, Alberta Municipal Affairs compiles results of financial and governance performance measures for all municipalities.  The performance measures are used as a benchmark by the Province to ensure Albertans live in viable municipalities that are responsible, collaborative and accountable.  Whitecourt has not triggered any of the critical indicators.

2021 Budget 

The 2021 Budget was adopted on May 10, 2021 and is valued at $51,193,613.  The 2021 Budget Report details the projects and initiatives planned for this year, and includes information on local assessment and taxation.

Whitecourt Town Council thanks all of those that participated in the development of the budget through public input sessions, as well as the work and participation advisory boards.


Strategic Plan

Council’s strategic plan outlines priorities for governance, community development, infrastructure and service delivery. The plan, which is updated annually, identifies current priorities and where the municipality will focus its resources.