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Black Knot, Fairy Ring, Bambi and More

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If deer, aphids, black knot, or fairy rings are interfering with your gardening efforts, this is the place to learn how to manage them.  Be ready for some interactive participation and to get answers that will help your garden be the best it can be!

Night Out in Whitecourt (NOW Event)

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The Town of Whitecourt organizes community events for adults once a month.  The purpose of these events is to bring people together so that you can get to know your neighbours and welcome new ones while having a fun night out.  They are free, fund and for everyone so come and enjoy a Night Out in Whitecourt with us!

Press Release - Whitecourt Town Council Update April 27, 2017

The 2017 Budget Report is now available online. The report provides details on the budget, how property taxes are calculated, and how tax dollars have been allocated for 2017.  Property owners can expect to receive combined assessment and taxation notices in mid-May.  If you have questions about your tax notice, or the 2017 Budget, please contact the Town Office.