Public Notices

24 September 2021

National Day for Truth & Reconciliation

September 30, 2021 is a National Day for Truth & Reconciliation.

24 September 2021

2021 Municipal Election: Voter ID Requirements

Voters are required to produce authorized identification containing their name and current address.  This includes an Alberta Operator’s (Driver’s) Licence or Identification Card (for non-drivers). 

24 September 2021

Opportunity for Public Participation


Every fall, the Town of Whitecourt recruits citizens to fill volunteer positions on various boards and committees that provide Town Council with perspective and recommendations regarding important civic issues. Whitecourt is a diverse, growing town, and citizens are in the best position to provide input on our changing community needs.


22 September 2021

MPC Notice of Decision

22 September 2021

Request for Special Ballot

GONE ON ELECTION DAY? Apply for Your Special Ballot!

Are you a student attending school outside of Whitecourt?  Are you a snowbird, or do you have a vacation planned in October?


If you are unable to attend either of the Town’s Advance Votes on October 13 or 16; or the General Municipal Election on October 18, you may be eligible to receive a SPECIAL BALLOT.


Voter identification must be submitted as set out in the instructions which will be included in the Special Ballot package.


Call or email Tara Gallant at the Town Office to ask for a Special Ballot Package or for more information.  Requests for Special Ballots can be made in person, in writing, or by email:


                Town of Whitecourt

                5004 – 52 Avenue, Box 509

                WHITECOURT, AB  T7S 1N6



Special Ballots MUST be received by Monday, October 18, 2021 at 12 Noon to be deemed valid.


Press Releases

21 September 2021

Press Release - 2021 Municipal Election Nominations - Official List

The list of nominees for the Town of Whitecourt 2021 Municipal Election is official.

20 September 2021

Press Release - 2021 Municipal Election - Nomination Day

The Town of Whitecourt received the following unofficial nominations for the 2021 Municipal Election:

20 September 2021

Press Release - Whitecourt Town Council Update September 20, 2021

17 September 2021

Press Release - COVID-19 Update for Whitecourt September 17, 2021

Alberta has declared a state of public health emergency and has implemented new health measures to expand capacity, increase vaccination rates and reduce transmission of COVID-19. Measures in workplaces, indoor private gatherings, places of worship, schools and children’s activities, as well as mandatory masking and physical distancing in all indoor public spaces are in effect. 

3 September 2021

Press Release - COVID-19 Update for Whitecourt September 3, 2021

The Government of Alberta announced new temporary public health measures that will take effect at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 4 – including the requirement to wear a mask in all indoor public spaces and workplaces (with the exception of schools).