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Wednesday, July 17, 2019 / Categories: Press Releases

Press Release - Whitecourt Town Council Update July 17, 2019

Whitecourt Town Council further tabled the motion to provide two years written notice to Woodlands County on the termination of the Water and Wastewater Agreement at its July 15, 2019 Regular Meeting.  The motion will be deliberated at Council’s next meeting scheduled on August 26, 2019.  Council is concerned about the potential impact this may have on the region, and has requested clarification from Woodlands County on its position on revenue sharing as it directly impacts Council’s decision on whether to terminate the water agreement as these two agreements are linked to each other.  The topic of intermunicipal agreements has been forefront in local news and discussions, and information on three intermunicipal service agreements (Tax Revenue Sharing, Cost Sharing, and Water and Wastewater Agreements) is posted on  Community members of both Whitecourt and Woodlands County are invited to refer to the information.

Whitecourt will be upgrading the Whitecourt Fire Department’s communication system with new hardware that is compatible with the provincially supported Alberta First Responder Radio Communication System (AFRRCS).  The upgrade will provide cost efficiencies; increase reliability of the system; and, allow the Whitecourt Fire Department to directly communicate with RCMP, EMS services and STARS to coordinate joint responses at emergency scenes.  The project will be funded in partnership with Woodlands County.

At the request of Living Waters Catholic Schools, the Town of Whitecourt will be preparing a land allocation and use agreement to provide space for an additional playground site at Ecole St. Joseph School.  Living Waters Catholic Schools plans to relocate the play structure from the former school site (in the hilltop area) to the new school and requires a plot of land to accommodate the equipment.

Whitecourt Town Council approved a request from the Whitecourt Seniors Circle to expand its parking lot.  The organization has over 270 members, and as a result requires additional parking space at the facility located at 5212 50 Street.  The approved expansion, which will be built to the west of the existing parking lot, will add approximately 16 parking stalls.