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Wednesday, March 18, 2020 / Categories: Press Releases

Press Release - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update for Whitecourt - March 18, 2020

The Government of Canada announced that Canadians will now have until June 1 to submit their income tax return to Canada Revenue Agency. The deadline to pay off any outstanding balances interest-free will also be extended by a month, to July 31.

As declared on March 17, Alberta is now in a state of public health emergency to protect Albertans from the COVID-19     pandemic.  Public health measures have been put in place by the Government of Alberta to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Effective immediately and until further notice:

  • Mass gatherings now limited to no more than 50 attendees.  This includes workshop gatherings and family events such as weddings.  Grocery stores, shopping centres, health-care facilities, airports, the legislature and other essential      services are not included.
  • Albertans are prohibited from attending public recreational facilities and private entertainment facilities, including gyms, swimming pools, arenas, science centres, museums, art galleries, community centres, children’s play centres, casinos, racing entertainment centres, and bingo halls. All Albertans are restricted from attending bars/nightclubs, where minors are prohibited by law.
  • Sit-down restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, food courts and other food-serving facilities, including those with a minors-allowed liquor license, are limited to 50 per cent capacity to a maximum of 50 people. Take-out, delivery or drive-through service is permitted. Licensed facilities will also be permitted to deliver liquor.  At this time, not-for-profit community kitchens, soup kitchens and religious kitchens are exempt, but sanitization practices are expected to be in place and support will be in place for this practice. 
  • All passenger ropeways, like gondolas and chairlifts will be closed until further notice under the Safety Codes Act.
  • The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, the Provincial Court of Alberta and the Alberta Court of Appeal are limiting services to essential and urgent functions.

All travelers who have returned from outside Canada as of March 12, 2020 should self-isolate for 14 days and monitor for symptoms.  Further, the Province is updating information regularly on flights that have had confirmed cases of COVID-19.  Those that have travelled both within Canada and internationally in the last several weeks should monitor this information.  The document can be found at

As more Albertans are being required or asked to self-isolate, having supplies is one thing you can do to help manage your situation.  For a list of what the Province is recommending be prepared visit

COVID-19 information and updates are publicly available on the Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services websites: