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Wednesday, May 13, 2020 / Categories: Press Releases

Press Release - Whitecourt Town Council Update May 13, 2020

Whitecourt Town Council adopted Tax Rate Bylaw 1559 at the May 11, 2020 Electronic Regular Meeting, and  property owners can expect to receive combined assessment and taxation notices later this month.  The 2020 Budget included a decrease to the municipal tax rate, including seniors and education requisitions, and for the average property owner this means:

  • 4.52% total tax rate reduction for residential properties;
  • 4.49% total tax rate reduction for non-residential properties.

The property tax deadline for 2020 has been extended to August 31, 2020 as part of COVID-19 relief measures for property owners.  For details on how property taxes are calculated, and how tax dollars have been allocated in the 2020 Budget, please read the 2020 Budget Report.  The report is available online at  If you have questions about your tax notice or the 2020 Budget, please contact the Town Office.

Town Council received an overview of 2020 assessment figures by the municipal assessor at the May 11 Electronic Regular Meeting.   

  • The valuation date for 2020 taxation of properties is July 1, 2019.
  • Assessment values for single family homes have decreased approximately 4.1% in the valley area, and 2.4% in the hilltop area.  The average house value in Whitecourt is $329,200.  
  • Property owners can view the assessment report for their property online.  Visit the Whitecourt website at and follow the link and instructions to view assessment reports.
  • Property owners will receive a combined assessment and tax notice later this month.

The Town of Whitecourt has experienced revenue losses and unexpected expenditures related to COVID-19.   The length of the economic disruption and recovery is not known; however, the Town of Whitecourt intends to address these impacts through funding strategies that will not affect taxation.   Whitecourt Town Council has reallocated $1.5 million from           existing reserves to establish a Sustainability Reserve that will ensure the continuation of essential services and also minimize impact on taxation for future years as our community returns to normal.  Ongoing monitoring and reporting of the financial impacts will provide for fiscal responsibility during this unprecedented event. 

The Community Services Department has published its 2019 Year End Report.  The report is prepared annually to provide Council and the Community Services Advisory Board with an overview of programs and services offered, and records major projects and accomplishments achieved throughout the year.  Highlights from the report include:

  • The Allan & Jean Millar Centre launched the Intelligenz Customer Registration Web Portal allowing customers to register online.
  • Daily admission revenue in 2019 was the highest it has ever been since the Allan & Jean Millar Centre opened in 2008.
  • 2,023 people participated in registered programs;
  • 47,404 visits to the Pembina Fitness Centre and Rotary Running Track;
  • 5,226 people attended the Rotary Club of Whitecourt free family swims at the SemCAMS Midstream Aquatic Centre;
  • 1,846 people were assisted through the Whitecourt Food Bank;
  • 4,036 participants attended Parent Link & Early Childhood Development programs;
  • 30,610 passengers were provided service on Public Transit, representing a 25% increase in ridership between 2017 and 2019.

A complete copy of the report can be viewed on

Whitecourt Town Council has approved the purchase of a new Zamboni.