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Tuesday, August 31, 2021 / Categories: Press Releases

Press Release - Road construction projects are progressing throughout town

Crews have been out in force over the last couple of weeks, and local road and infrastructure construction  projects are continuing to progress.  

With the 2021/2022 school year starting this week, higher traffic volumes throughout the community are expected.  Community members should be aware that there may be traffic delays due to construction, in particular along Dahl Drive, and are encouraged to use alternate routes when possible.

Dahl Drive Improvement Program

The outside lanes continue to be closed along Dahl Drive, and we ask that motorists continue to drive with caution in the area.  This is the biggest road construction project undertaken in our community this year, and we realize this project has had an impact on our residents.  The Town of Whitecourt appreciates your understanding and patience as we work to complete this project.  

  • Preparation of gravel base and lane widening underneath the new curb is now complete, and new catch basins have been installed.
  • Following concrete curbs pouring, milling of the existing pavement surface and overlay of new asphalt will commence. Line painting and traffic lights re-signaling are scheduled as the last phase of the project.  

The Town was awarded $1,212,940 through the Municipal Stimulus Program (MSP) to complete improvements to Dahl Drive.  The project will improve the road structure, increasing its strength and longevity; and will also address drainage and erosion control issues, which will reduce maintenance and repair costs in the long term, and make the road safer in wet and icy conditions.

2021 Street Improvement Program

As part of the 2021 Street Improvement Program, Knelsen Sand and Gravel has been hard at work at various locations around town. Major paving locations for the project include:

  1. 47 Street, from Graham Road to 25m north of Harold’s Hollow
  2. Noyes Crescent (cul de sac)
  3. Atkinson Crescent
  4. 39 Street (entrance to Rivervalley Estates)
  5. Baxter Crescent and Feero Drive
  6. 47 Street, from Sunset Boulevard to 135m north of Sunset Boulevard
  7. 42 Avenue, from Highway 43 to Kepler Street
  8. Blueberry Drive, from Park Drive to end
  9. 33 Street and Caxton Street

Asphalt milling is complete in all major paving areas, and concrete removals are underway. Crews may also be working at various other locations for smaller asphalt and concrete patching; please use caution in construction areas and around workers.  Concrete removals are scheduled for completion on September 7 and concrete forming and pouring shall begin on September 8, weather permitting. 

Residents should be aware that there may be travel delays in the areas listed above, and are encouraged to use alternate routes when possible. Roads will remain open to traffic, and motorists are asked to obey all posted speed limits, and parking restrictions.  

Further information on paving will be provided to the public as the schedule becomes available.

Blue Ridge Road

As part of a new initiative to get the most out of roadworks projects, millings from both the Dahl Drive Improvement Program and the 2021 Street Improvement Program will be repurposed to improve the road surface of Blue Ridge Road. Application of millings on gravel roads creates a smoother, more compact driving surface and helps to reduce dust. Over 1,000 tonnes of millings from the Street Improvement Program have been applied to the roadway to date, and additional millings from Dahl Drive are scheduled to be placed in late September.  Blue Ridge Road will remain open to traffic during this time, though the public is asked to use caution when travelling through the area.

Regular construction updates will continue to be posted online at and on the Town’s Facebook page at