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Friday, January 5, 2018 / Categories: Press Releases

Press Release - Restoration work continues at the Carlan Services Community Resource Centre

Restoration of the Carlan Services Community Resource Centre is underway after a flood damaged areas of the facility on January 1.

Due to the extreme weather experienced in the region over the holiday season, the fire suppression system was damaged causing the building to flood on the evening of January 1, 2018.

Both Town of Whitecourt staff and the Whitecourt Fire Department responded to the alarm.  Despite crews
being onsite within ten minutes of the alarm sounding, the facility sustained damage from the flood.  The Town of Whitecourt would like to thank the the numerous staff and volunteer firefighters that spent several hours on New Year’s Day cleaning up the aftermath of this flood. Effects of the flood can be summarized as follows:

  • The Boys and Girls Club After School Care and Teen Centre areas were only minimally impacted by the flood, and the flood did not affect their operations.

  • The Whitecourt Early Learning and Childcare Centre was open January 2 and 3, but had to be closed January 4 and 5 for restoration work.  It is anticipated to be fully operational on Monday, January 8. 

  • The Whitecourt Food Bank experienced a large amount of food damage, but was open for regular hours of service on January 2 and will continue to operate as scheduled. 

  • The Whitecourt Gymnastics Club has cancelled its winter sessions until further notice as equipment was damaged. 

  • The Family Community Liaison Program is still operational but has been relocated to remote offices until further notice. 

Facility users should contact community organizations directly for further information.