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Monday, January 7, 2019 / Categories: Press Releases

Press Release - Snow and ice control activities continue throughout Whitecourt

Snow accumulations exceeded what was forecasted by Environment Canada on January 4, and Town of Whitecourt crews were working throughout the weekend to clear priority routes. Town crews have and will continue to work extended hours in order to clear all roads throughout the community; all available equipment is in operation, and contractors are assisting with the hauling of snow during removal.

The Town of Whitecourt recognizes that recent snow accumulations and varying temperatures have made roads difficult to pass due to snow packing.  Town forces are working to make local streets safe and drivable. Crews today finished re-clearing and sanding Priority 1 routes, started clearing Priority 3 routes, and also cleared select residential streets that were exceptionally difficult for vehicles to travel (eg. Park Circle, Park Key, Park Point, Ravine Drive, Baly Road, 48A Street).  Below is the schedule for the next two days.  

  • Tuesday, January 8:

    • Clearing and removal in the downtown core will begin at 5:00 a.m.  (See the attached map for details.)

    • Clearing and removal along 55 Avenue from the intersection of Atkinson Crescent, north to Mink Creek Road will begin at 9:00 a.m.  (See the attached map for details.)  This area has been signed and vehicles parked on the road as of 9:00 a.m. will be towed to the public parking lot located on 52 Avenue behind the Whitecourt Legion.

    • As time permits, crews will begin to clear residential areas starting in the east valley area.

  • Wednesday, January 9:

    • Crews will continue to plow streets throughout the east valley area.  Signs will not be posted; residents are asked to remove all vehicles from the street so that snow clearing efforts can be carried out quickly and efficiently.  If time allows, crews will begin to clear streets in the west valley area.

Snow from residential streets will be pushed to the side of the road outlined in the 2018/2019 Directional Movement Map.  To find out if the snow will be pushed to your side of the road, visit and search “Snow & Ice Control.”

The community’s assistance and cooperation is appreciated in assisting our snow clearing efforts.  

  • Residents are advised to avoid street parking, and be aware that crews will not be clearing out vehicles parked on streets.

  • If an area is scheduled for snow removal, and signs have been posted notifying residents of the activity, vehicles parked on the road will be towed.  In the majority of areas, in order to clear roads throughout the community as quickly as possible, “no parking” signs will not be posted notifying residents.

  • When shovelling walkways and driveways, please do not push snow on to public roads and walkways. 

An update will be provided tomorrow on snow clearing efforts to update the community on progress and on the schedule for later this week.  The public is encouraged to follow the Town of Whitecourt’s Facebook page for regular updates and information at

Once again, we appreciate the ongoing support and cooperation by residents.