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Saturday, April 13, 2019 / Categories: Press Releases

Press Release - 2019 Budget Approved

Whitecourt Town Council approved the final 2019 Budget.  The budget, valued at just over $55.1 million, requires a 2.68% change to municipal mill rates for both residential and business properties.

“Budget decisions outline the funding for all municipal operations and activities – including infrastructure investment, recreation and cultural programs, social services, and more.  It is our most important planning tool, and guides decisions and priorities for both the short and long term,” stated Mayor Maryann Chichak.  “With input from various stakeholders, the 2019 budget allows us to maintain and enhance service levels for today, as well as plan and prepare for growth in the future.”

Budget highlights include:

  • The 2019 Capital Budget totals $15,756,526.

  • The 2019 Operating Budget totals $39,376,295.

  • Revenue from taxation totals $14,102,515; accounting for 26% of the municipality’s total revenue.

“This year’s budget is exceptional in the way that there are a number of variables and external factors that the municipality has no control over which are unique to 2019.  Upcoming federal and provincial elections, the economy, as well as negotiations with municipal partners, have the potential to greatly impact our community and our operations,” added Mayor Chichak.  “Given these variables, the 2019 Budget is conservative; and I believe we have found a balance that will allow us to meet current community needs, and be prepared to manage any pressures these external factors may bring.  This year’s budget also reflects the municipality’s strategic direction and priorities, and our responsibility to prudent financial management.”

The Town of Whitecourt publishes an annual budget report to help increase local understanding of projects and initiatives planned for the year, and residents’ knowledge of where municipal tax dollars are spent.   The report will be available on and municipal social media sites at the beginning of May after the Tax Rate Bylaw has been adopted by Town Council.