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Monday, April 27, 2020 / Categories: Public Notices, Tenders and Requests for Proposals

2020 Street Improvement Program

Tender No. 2020-100

Deliver or mail Tender before Friday, May 22, 2020 at 2:00p.m. to:

Town of Whitecourt

2020 Street Improvement Program - Tender NO. 2020-100

Box 509, 5004 - 52 Avenue

Whitecourt, AB  T7S 1N6

Attention:  Juan Grande, Engineering Service Coordinator


Project Description:

The work includes reclamation of pavement surface , preparation of subgrade, placement of granular base and improvements of concrete medians, sidewalks,  curb and gutters.

The work includes the following approximate quantities:

  • Milling and pavement overlay - 9,800 m2
  • Road reconstruction - 1,300 m2
  • Sidewalk and Gutter Improvements - 605 m2
  • Catch basin rehabilations - 23 ea

The Tender Documents will only be distributed electronically in digital format through coolNet and Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC)

Written inquiries regarding this Project (no later than 72 hours prior to submission deadline shall be directed to:

Corrina Robson, Infrastructure Service Intern

Town of Whitecourt  or 780-778-2273