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Monday, July 20, 2020 / Categories: Public Notices, Tenders and Requests for Proposals

Request for Proposals - Geothermal Development Feasibility Study

Whitecourt and Woodlands Coounty were recently awarded an Alberta Community Partnership Grant to complete a Geothermal Development Feasibility Study. This study will help to determine viability of geothermal power in the Whitecourt and Woodlands Region. It will provide the necessary information to determine if replacing or supplementing existing power with geothermal renewable energy is a viable option.

The Town of Whitecourt, as the managing partner for the grant, is hereby seeking proposals for the preparation of a Geothermal Development Feasibility Study. The document is to provide both Whitecourt and Woodlands County with a feasibility analysis for direct heat potential, life cycle, and energy savings for municipal infrastructure. This study will build on the 2018 study by Terrapin that identified the Whitecourt and Woodlands County.

For details, please refer to the RFP package linked below.

All submissions shall include a digital copy of the proposal on a USB.

Proposals must be received at:

Town of Whitecourt
Planning and Development Department
Box 509
5004 – 52 Avenue
Whitecourt, AB T7S 1N6

 Prior to 12:00 Noon, Friday, August 21, 2020