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Monday, November 23, 2020 / Categories: Press Releases

Press Release - COVID-19 Update for Whitecourt November 23, 2020

The Town of Whitecourt is no longer on the Province of Alberta’s COVID-19 “watch” list, and as such is no longer subject to enhanced health measures implemented by the Province earlier this month.  Caseloads within our community have decreased and no longer meet the Province’s threshold of 10 cases or 50 cases per 100,000 people for “watch” status.

Community members and visitors to Whitecourt are encouraged to continue to follow preventative health measures:

  • Practice good hygiene:
    • Stay home if you are feeling sick.
    • Wash or sanitize your hands often.
    • Cover your coughs and sneezes.
    • Avoid touching your face.
    • Keep physical distancing.  Stay at least 2-metres away from others when in public or social settings.
    • Wear a mask in public and when gathering with family and friends outside of your cohort.
    • Avoid overcrowded public spaces.
    • Limit the number of people you come into close contact with.
    • Have your groceries or other items delivered, if possible, if you are at high risk of severe disease.
  • Monitor your symptoms:
    • COVID-19 symptoms are similar to influenza and other respiratory illnesses and can range from mild to severe. Even people with mild symptoms can spread COVID-19 to others.
    • If you have any symptom, stay home and take the online assessment to arrange testing.
  • Gather safely:
    • Keep family visits, friend gatherings, and group outings small.
    • Hold gatherings outside, if possible.
    • Do not gather with other people if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, even if symptoms appear to be mild.
    • Consider postponing visits, especially if household or family members have a higher risk of severe illness.
    • It is safest limit the number of other cohorts you belong to reduce the risk of getting sick or spreading COVID-19.

Temporary Mandatory Face Coverings Bylaw 1560 remains in effect until further notice.  Masks or face coverings are required in all indoor, enclosed public spaces and public vehicles.

  • Residents are reminded that wearing a face covering does not replace other health measures, such as proper hand washing or sanitizing.  It is important to practice physical distancing and keep two-metre distance even when wearing a mask. Wearing a face covering is an additional measure to stop the spread of COVID-19 by reducing the spread of any infectious respiratory droplets, should an individual be unknowingly infected.
  • Posters are available for businesses to download at for posting at storefronts to remind customers of the face covering requirement.
  • Bylaw 1560 includes exemptions, including those who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, children that are 5 years and younger, and other accommodations under the Alberta Human Rights Act.  The Bylaw also permits the        temporary removal of a mask or face covering when receiving certain services, having a meal, or engaging in athletic or fitness activity.  There’s no requirement for people to prove they are exempt.  While masking has been a polarizing issue, we ask that people are treated with kindness and consideration both in the public and online.

COVID-19 information and updates are publicly available on the Alberta Health and
Alberta Health Services websites: