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Friday, March 8, 2019 / Categories: Public Notices

Notice to Residents of Whitecourt

Mountain Pine Beetle

Notice to residents of Whitecourt

As part of the Mountain Pine Beetle Management Program, we are asking residents to contact the Town of Whitecourt if you suspect you have a Mountain Pine Beetle infested tree on your property.

Residents have until April 30, 2019, to contact the office and arrange a site visit.

Tel: 780.778.2273  Email:

A registered forestry professional will visit your property to inspect the tree(s), and if necessary perform control work at no cost to the property owner.

Mountain Pine Beetle – What are the signs?

  • Fine sawdust at the base of the tree and in bark crevices;
  • Increased woodpecker activity (holes in trees, flaked off bark);
  • Grayish-blue wood.

You play an important role in managing Mountain Pine Beetle in Alberta.

For more information on mountain pine beetle and the Town’s program, visit