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Friday, May 17, 2019 / Categories: Public Notices

Land Use Bylaw 1506

The Land Use Bylaw impacts everyone in Whitecourt – whether you are constructing a new home, purchasing a new home, starting a new business, or building a deck.  The Land Use Bylaw guides all development applications and the permit process, and regulates the use of land within our community. 

Whitecourt is divided into Land Use Districts commonly referred to as “zoning”. Each district has its own regulations specifying the type of development allowed and detailed standards relating to building size and location, landscaping, site coverage, etc.

Who needs Permits?

Building a home, adding a deck, or building a garage or shed? Will you require a permit? Our website has numerous brochures providing helpful information to answer this question.  As a property owner you are responsible for ensuring that you or your contractors obtain the necessary permits before construction.  It is much easier and often less expensive to make changes to your plans before something is built. 

If our brochures didn’t answer all of your questions, our friendly Development Officers are always ready to review your project with you.


In Residential Districts, driveways can be up to 6 metres wide from the front property line to the roadway.  All driveways that connect to a town street must be hard surfaced. 

Gravel, river rock, or paving stones placed adjacent to the driveway within the Town boulevard is prohibited.  The Town is currently working on a Residential Boulevard Program, in phases, to bring gravel pads into conformance with our current Bylaw.  While some properties have received notices already, we will be continuing to notify property owners as the program progresses.

Site Coverage

Site coverage is the amount of property that is covered by hard surfaced parking or structures, compared to the amount of property that is soft surfaced i.e. grass or soft landscaping. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new home it is important to know what the site coverage is on a specific property if you are thinking of future expansion. Site coverage will also be a factor if you are thinking of adding a shed, garage or hard surfaced parking, as you may be limited by what site coverage is available within your property.