Water & Sewer

Setting up a Utility Account

If you are just moving into a home there are a few things you need to do when setting up a utilities account. First, phone or visit the Town Administration Office (780-778-2273). The Utility Clerk will need your name, phone numbers, move in date, and whether or not you own or rent.

Under the provisions of Bylaw 411 and amendments thereto, a deposit is required for every water and sewer account. You have 10 days after you move in to pay your utility deposit. While the Town holds your deposit, you will receive the current bank rate of interest, which is then applied to your December water bill. When you close the account your deposit, plus interest, will be credited to your account. Deposits for home owners is $50; for renters is $100.

Utility Fee Schedule (effective January 1, 2019)

  • Deposit:

    • Renter: $100.00

    • Owner: $50.00

  • Water Service Charge: $7.23/month

  • Sewer Service Charge: $7.23/month

  • Water Consumption Charge: $1.22/cubic metre

  • Sewer Consumption Charge (based on 100% of water consumption): $1.38/cubic metre

  • Waste Collection: $9.63/month

  • Landfill Recovery Fee: $11.77/month

  • Residential Curbside Recycling Program: $8.62/month

Billing Procedures

Every residence has its own water meter, and as such are individually billed. Monthly water and sewer charges are based on consumption. So the more water you consume, the higher your utility charge. Try your best to conserve water to save yourself some money.

Each month you will receive a bill and payments are required on your utility account once every month. The Town Administration Office accepts cash, cheque, Interac, Visa and Mastercard. Bank, internet, telebank and pre-authorized payments are also accepted.

If the total balance is not paid, a 3.5% penalty is applied 30 days after the due date. Late payments will result in an arrears letter to remind you that your account is overdue. If the account is not paid within 10 days of this letter being mailed, your water service may be disconnected. If the water is disconnected there is an automatic $40.00 reconnection fee.

Returned payments are charged an additional $25.00. This includes returned cheques and returned pre-authorized payments.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan for Utility Bills

You are encouraged to sign up for the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan for Utility Bills. To sign up for the plan, visit the Town Administration Office with a void cheque and fill out an application form. Each month you will receive a bill, but it will indicate that the payment is going to be made directly from your bank account on the 7th of each month, or the first banking day after the 7th.

Pre-Authorized Application Form

Moving Out?

Please inform the Utility Department in advance when you are moving out of your residence so that staff can be scheduled to take a final water meter reading on your last day in your home. A forwarding address will be needed so that we can send your final bill, or cheque if your deposit is larger than your final charges.

Bulk/Cardlock Water Purchases and Accounts

The Town of Whitecourt now has a "cardlock" water system located at the pumphouse at the Water Treatment Plant. Accounts can be arranged through the Utility Clerk at the Town Administration Office at 780-778-2273. A deposit is required for every bulk/cardlock water account. Users are required to provide your own hose with a 3" male camlock end.

Fee Schedule (effective January 1, 2019)

  • Deposits:

    • Commercial $1,000.00

    • Residential $100.00

  • $53.84 for the first 14 cubic metres

  • $5.64/cubic metre from between 15 and 250m3

  • More than 250 cubic metres is charged at $10.00/m3

Be sure to cancel the account if you are no longer using it, as you will be charged the flat rate regardless of use and consumption. Invoices are produced monthly on the amount of water used.

Do you have questions about your utility bill, preauthorized or online payments? Contact the Utility Clerk at 780-778-2273.