Water and Wastewater Agreement


When was it signed?

March 11, 2013 and is linked with the amendment to the Cost Sharing Agreement to include Woodlands County’s sharing of 10.4% of its total linear revenue.  These agreements allow for considerable improvements in residents’ lives, long term industrial developments, and revenue sharing that benefit both municipalities.

What is it?

Whitecourt provides water and wastewater services to the County for the purpose of providing services to the following parcels:

  • New and existing residential within the Service Area;

  • New and existing Airport related developments;

  • Existing and non-residential developments within the Service Area;

  • Non-residential development within lands described as NE 30-59-12-W5 (Woodlands Business Park).

What are the benefits?

  • Allows the region to share Whitecourt’s existing infrastructure assets valued at $90 million.

  • Provides an opportunity to expand the County distribution system for its residents in the future (see map of service agreement area), and allows our communities the opportunity to promote a regional distribution system.

  • Created an opportunity to develop the Whitecourt Airport and County residential subdivisions.

  • Allowed Woodlands County to create the Woodlands Business Park, which provided businesses another option for development.

  • Created synergies between the Whitecourt Airport and the Woodlands Business Park.

  • Enhanced the quality of life for Woodlands County residents in the service area.

  • Increased tax revenues from new development (over $470,000 in tax revenues are generated for Woodlands County by development in the service area and the number could double with development at the Whitecourt Airport and residential growth).

  • Enhanced fire protection capabilities at the Whitecourt Airport and surrounding developments, thereby creating cost benefits to property owners in the area through decreased property insurance costs.

  • By establishing the Water and Wastewater Agreement in conjunction with the Cost Sharing Agreement amendment, the Town has been able to provide mutually beneficial projects not covered by existing agreements (ex. Ecole St. Joseph School site development, River Erosion Control Project, 49 Avenue Extension/Dahl Drive Enhancement Project, etc.).

How are contributions calculated?

Woodlands County paid a lump sum capital contribution of $400,000 to the Town in recognition of past capital costs incurred by Whitecourt so that County residential developments and the Whitecourt Airport could connect to the $90 million in infrastructure assets owned by the Town.  Woodlands County utility customers pay the same water consumption charges as Whitecourt customers.

In addition, Woodlands Business Park developments pay a service fee to provide for the future expansion of the Whitecourt water and wastewater systems. 

Want more detailed information on the Water and Wastewater Agreement?  

If you have questions regarding intermunicipal agreements please contact the Town Office at 780-778-2273.