Grant Opportunities

Grant Opportunities

Pick up trash for cash!

The Town of Whitecourt offers non-profit organizations funding for performing refuse pick up duties within the community incouding highway ditches, and boulevards.  The refuse pick up schedule typically runs from April to the end of October (weather permitting) and the opportunity s advertised annually.  To qualify for the program, groups must provide a written request to the Town outlining a time commitment between 50 and 100 hours, how the funds will be used, confirming dates that the group would be available to perform the work, and providing an address and phone number for the group contact person.

Qualifications for the program have been made more flexible for those wishing to lend their time to assist with clean up activities.

  • Groups can submit a proposal to complete between 50 and 100 hours of service; the time commitment must be confirmed prior to approval.

  • Approved groups will receive $12.00 for each hour of service, and total allocations for the program will be based on the annual budget.

  • All clean up participants must be at least 9 years of age.

Applications to the 2022 program will be accepted until Friday, April 1 at 12:00 noon.  Proposals can be dropped off or mailed to the Town Office (5004 52 Avenue, Box 509) or emailed to

The Community Crosswalk Grant program provides funding to local schools to establish or enhance a Crosswalk Program.  Safety is a priority for the Town of Whitecourt, and this program will enhance our children's safety at community crosswalks.

Applications to the program are due June 30 annually for the following school year.

The Town of Whitecourt through the Economic Development Committee has created a Whitecourt Economic Recovery Grant Program with matching funding and support through the Community Futures Yellowhead East Regional Business Resiliency & Diversification Partnership Initiative Fund.

Policy 12-027 - Whitecourt Economic Recovery Grant Program

Schedule "A" - Economic Recovery Grant Application Form

Schedule "B" - Economic Recovery Review Form

Schedule "C" - Economic Recovery Program Final Reporting Document

This program is available to help Whitecourt businesses with expenses as they respond to the challenges of COVID-19 and provide flexible funding supports that strengthen their business models.

Grant funding is currently available to Whitecourt businesses under two support streams:  

  • Stream One: Matching Microgrants of up to $2,000 per business is fully subscribed and is now closed.

  • Stream Two is still open.

All applications to Stream One will be evaluated by the Economic Development Committee and Community Futures Yellowhead East for completeness, alignment with the program objective and core criteria, and to ensure that the application meets eligibility requirements. As we have a limited budget, application will be received on a first come first serve basis until program funding has been expended.  Applications should meet at least one grant core criteria noted in the Policy to be considered.

Permit fees will be waived for Stream Two throughout the 2021 calendar year at the time of permit application by the Planning & Development Department at the Town of Whitecourt Administrative Building, on a first come first serve basis, or until program funding has been expended.

Timely access to funds are important. We are anticipating to process Stream One applications within two weeks of receiving them.  Please ensure your application has all the required information for the review process. To improve your chances, here are the most common reasons an application may not be successful:

  1. There is no signed declaration. Declarations must be signed when submitting your application.
  2. The application form is not completed. All fields are necessary for grant administration.
  3. Grant funding will be used for ineligible costs including:
    • rent/lease/mortgage payments;
    • payroll or wages, debt reduction, utilities, insurance, or other similar fees.
    • using grant funds directly for payroll or wages (using funds on other eligible items that enable workers to return, or new workers to be hired is aligned with the Jobs Core Criteria);
    • debt reduction;
    • utilities;
    • insurance; and
    • expenses that are borne through regular business operations and are not a result of or response to the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e. maintenance);
  4. The description of the grant funding does not clearly link the planned project or expense to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  5. The description of the grant funding does not provide enough detail. Please be as specific as possible.

We are here to help, if you have any questions regarding the program or need assistance please contact:

Rhonda Hough
Economic Development Officer
Town of Whitecourt

The Whitecourt Enhancement Grant was established to offer recreation, art and culture organizations and groups additional assistance for the enhancement of programs, services, special events, specialized equipment or facilities that are not normally funded through their annual budget.  

The objectives of the grant are:

  • To provide funding to local recreation, arts & culture organizations for the enhancement of programs, services, special events, specialized equipment or facilities that are not normally funded through their annual budget.

  • To enhance recreation opportunities and the well-being of the residents of Whitecourt and Woodlands County.

  • To enhance sport, recreation, arts and cultural development.

  • To promote and encourage volunteerism and community spirit by enhancing the work of local volunteer organizations.

  • To provide a funding source for recreation, art and culture programs, services, events, facilities or equipment that is not eligible for funding from other municipal, provincial or federal sources.

The application deadline for the 2022 program year has passed.  Information on how to apply for funding in 2023 will be published in early 2022.

The FCSS Grant Program provides assistance to community organizations that plan to provide social programs that are preventive in nature to the community. For more information please contact the FCSS Program Coordinator at 780-778-3637.

Applications are now being accept for the 2023 program. The deadline for submission is 12:00 p.m. on November 30, 2022.

The FCSS Grant Workshop will be taking place on November 10, 2022 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Allan & Jean Millar Centre.

To be eligible for consideration, projects must meet one or more of the following FCSS mandates:

  • Help people become self-reliant, build resiliency, and become able to function in a positive manner.
  • Promote and help people develop positive social relationships.
  • Help people become socially engaged and contribute to their community.
  • Support people to remain active participants in their community.
  • Empower people to address social issues and influence change.

Policy 72-025 - Family & Community Support Services Grant Program

Application Form - Fillable Form (It is recommended that you save the file prior to entering data into the application form.)

Grading System    

With funding support from Intact Public Entities (IPE) and Intact Financial Corporation, Whitecourt has created the FireSmart Homeowner Incentive Program.  The incentive program encourages homeowners to sign up for a FireSmart Home Assessment, and to conduct recommended FireSmart practices to mitigate wildfire risks on their property.

  • Only Town of Whitecourt homeowners that have had a current FireSmart Home Assessment completed by the Whitecourt Fire Department (as of 2022) and have completed eligible FireSmart activities on their private property as recommended in the assessment will be eligible for funding.
  • Properties located in areas of higher wildfire risk, such as those adjacent to the forested edge of Centennial Park, will be prioritized for funding.
  • By completing recommended work and submitting an application, you are not guaranteed funding.  Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • There are two funding rounds scheduled (based on funding availability) over the course of this program:
    • Round 1 with a deadline of October 1, 2022;
    • Round 2 with a deadline of August 31, 2023.
  • The Whitecourt Fire Department will accept, review and allocate funding per program guidelines.
  • The allocation of the $50,000 for the incentive program was determined by the grant that was awarded to the Town of Whitecourt, and is outlined in the funding table included in the policy.

Policy 23-012 - FireSmart Homeowner Incentive Program

Policy 23-012 - Schedule "A" - Whitecourt Fire Area FireSmart Map

Policy 23-012 - Schedule "B" - FireSmart Homeowner Incentive Program Application Form

Investing In Our Community is a new capital funding program developed by the Town of Whitecourt to enhance partnerships with local non-profit organizations. The proposed program will provide interest free loans to non-profit organizations to assist in leveraging their resources for community capital investments that benefit the community.  Applications to this program are accepted year-round.

Are you having difficulty filling out seniors benefit forms? The Family Community Support Services Department assists seniors to complete senior benefit applications. Please call 780-778-6300 to make an appointment.

The Sports Hosting Program supports local organizations to host sporting events that have a positive economic impact on our community.  Events hosted by the sporting community increase visitors into Whitecourt, which has a positive impact by generating overnight stays and stimulating the local economy.  

Applications for funding will be accepted during at various times throughout the year. Please watch our page for details on the next funding announcement.

All applications must be submitted to the Town of Whitecourt Administration Office (5004 - 52 Avenue).  For further information, contact Rhonda Hough, Economic Development Officer at 780-778-2273 or by email at

Whitecourt’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is designed to treat organic materials. Unfortunately, unexpected grit materials (e.g., small loose particles of sand, stone, clay, silt from carwashes, shops/commercial sumps) are entering the wastewater system resulting in blockages, backups, environmental concerns, unpleasant odours, and damage to piping/ equipment/other structures, which increases maintenance costs.

The Town seeks to reduce and eventually eliminate the discharge of grit materials and prohibited substances at the source, and will be working with local businesses to educate them on what materials can be released into the Town's wastewater system, and how inorganic materials can effect the system.

To encourage businesses, the Town offers a Testing Incentive Program to those businesses that would cover 50% or up to $250 of the sump pit material testing costs annually. Eligible businesses will need to provide testing results and copy of their invoices for reimbursement to the Town. 

The Tourism Enhancement Grant Program offers financial assistance to local community groups for projects or events that enhance tourism development in the Whitecourt area. 

Applications for the 2022 program year are now being accepted on a first come first serve basis or until project funding has been expended.

Have you thought about organizing mountain bike tours through the region?  Or have you ever thought that offering jet boat tours would be an interesting job for you?  You could be eligible for funding to assist with start up costs, such as advertising or capital investments.   All applications must include a letter of interest or business plan detailing the project, noting the sustainability and potential growth of the business, as well as a description of what the funds will be used for.  

Applications for the 2022 program year are now being accepted on a first come first serve basis or until project funding has been expended.

All applications can be submitted to the Town of Whitecourt Administration Office (5004 - 52 Avenue) or by email to  

The Vitalization Grant Program was established to offer local businesses and organizations additional financial support to enhance the exterior appearance of their business or property. Applicants could receive up to $10,000 to enhance the exterior appearance of their business/property to match the newly adopted architectural wood/stone theme.  The wood/stone theme was adopted in the Whitecourt Vitalization Plan which acts as a guide for our community over the next several years to revitalize downtown and beautify the Highway 43 corridor.  The program's objectives are to:

  • Assist businesses or organizations to make permanent upgrades to their buildings that meet the architectural wood/stone theme of the Town of Whitecourt Vitalization Plan.

  • Enhance the quality of life and well-being of the residents of Whitecourt by increasing the aesthetic appeal of the Highway 43 corridor and downtown core.

  • To enhance the pride and profile of the Town of Whitecourt for both residents and visitors alike.

Now open and accepting applications until 4:30PM on Thursday, July 6, 2022.