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Request for Proposal: Mountain Pine Beetle Management Program

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The Town of Whitecourt is now accepting tenders from accredited contractors to provide services for the implementation of the Town of Whitecourt Mountain Pine Beetle Management Program.

The successful contractor will implement the Mountain Pine Beetle Management within the Town of Whitecourt (public, private, and crown lands).

The successful contractor will be required to:

  • Operate under the direction of the Town of Whitecourt.
  • Provide regular project updates to the Town of Whitecourt.
  • Execute mountain pine beetle ground surveys on land within the municipal boundaries.
  • Complete the survey and control reporting documentation as per Alberta Agriculture and Forestry requirements.
  • Control any trees that have had a minimum of 20 hits.
  • Complete treatment activities as per Provincial guidelines for mountain pine beetle infested trees. Due to our community being a Fire Smart Community, treatment preferred is the whole tree chip method. Chipping must be removed or spread evenly, chip size not to exceed 5.1cm by 24cm.
  • Inspect trees on private property, based on calls the Town of Whitecourt has received from the public who have identified potentially infected trees. The contractor will survey the identified trees on private property, and complete treatment activities when there is an infected tree.  The contractor will provide the results to the Town of Whitecourt to enable the Town to maintain a spreadsheet which tracks infested trees within the municipality. 

The term of the contract will be April 20 to June 30, 2022.  All survey and control work must be completed by May 31, 2022 as per Provincial guidelines.  The successful candidate will be required to complete the surveys and treatments as per the Mountain Pine Beetle Detection and Management in Alberta Manual.

A map of the area detailing pine stand locations is available at www.whitecourt.ca or on Alberta Purchasing Connection www.purchasingconnection.ca. Preference will be given to Registered Professional Forester (RPF) or Registered Professional Forest Technologist (RPFT).

Please submit your proposal with the following:

            Survey – estimated number of days; cost per 2-person crew

            Control – estimated number of trees (100); cost per tree

The lowest or any submission will not necessarily be accepted. The Town retains the right to reject any and all submissions.  The Town of Whitecourt reserves the right not to consider award of any contract or purchase to any party that is engaged in litigation or arbitration within the Town within the last three years, or any party with an outstanding debt owed to the Town.

SEALED submissions, marked, “TOWN OF WHITECOURT – Mountain Pine Beetle Management Program” will be accepted until 1:00 pm on Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Town of Whitecourt

Box 509, 5004 52nd Avenue

Whitecourt  AB  T7S 1N6

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