Community Graphic

In response to community demand, the Town of Whitecourt has created a new graphic for community organizations and businesses to use on promotional products and merchandise.  

To be eligible, your company/organization must be based in Whitecourt, have more than 50% active members residing in Whitecourt, or/or be an accredited and legitimate organization.

  • The Whitecourt Community Graphic MAY NOT BE USED in a manner that disparages or in any way negatively represents the Town of Whitecourt, the community, residents and/or organizations that operate here.

  • Use of the Whitecourt Community Graphic MAY NOT BE USED in a way that implies financial support, sponsorship, or partnership with the Town of Whitecourt. 

For further details, including minimum print size and colour usage, please download the Community Graphic Guidelines.

Style A - Circle

  • Made in Whitecourt outline - JPEG
  • Made in Whitecourt outline - PDF
  • Made in Whitecourt outline - PNG
  • Made in Whitecourt solid - JPEG
  • Made in Whitecourt solid - PDF
  • Made in Whitecourt solid - PNG
  • Proudly Whitecourt outline - JPEG
  • Proudly Whitecourt outline - PDF
  • Proudly Whitecourt outline - PNG
  • Proudly Whitecourt solid - JPEG
  • Proudly Whitecourt solid - PDF
  • Proudly Whitecourt solid - PNG

Style B - Wordmark

  • Made in Whitecourt - PDF
  • Made in Whitecourt - PNG
  • Made in Whitecourt (white text) - PNG
  • Proudly Whitecourt - PDF
  • Proudly Whitecourt - PNG
  • Proudly Whitecourt (white text) - PNG

Do you have questions about the proper use of the Community Graphic? Contact for guidance.