Family & Community Support Services

Family & Community Support Services

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is a funding partnership between local governments and the Province of Alberta on an 80/20 share basis. The funding is used to support and develop locally driven, preventive social services initiatives.

FCSS emphasizes local decision-making for programming, based on the belief that communities have the desire, energy and resources to build community capacity.  Each municipality determines how the dollars they receive should be allocated to best meet the needs of their community so FCSS programs are unique to each community.

New Hope Program: The New Hope Program is a preventative, 18-week course with separate sessions for men and women.  New Hope can help revitalize relationships, build positive connections, and enhance communication through support, counselling, and skill building in a safe and confidential setting.  For more information contact 780-778-6300.

Family Violence Stakeholders Group: The Family Violence Stakeholders Group meets once a month. If you are interested in becoming involved in family violence initiatives in our community, please contact 780-268-0545 to find out the next meeting date.

Family Violence Initiative Facebook Page

Roots Program: Roots is a program for children and teens who have witnessed family violence or anger related issues.  This program helps participants learn confidence and resiliency, learn about health relationships, and develop strong communication skills.  For more information contact Coupland Consulting at 780-778-6300.

The Whitecourt & Area Family Support Program provides Diversion Services and Universal Programming/Parent Education.

Diversion Services provides support and counselling to children 7-18 years old and their families living in Whitecourt, and the communities spanning from Valleyview to Onoway, including Swan Hills and the summer villages in between.  Services include:

  • Individual counselling.
  • Family supports to resources and programs within the area.
  • Skill development – service plans for each client and family if applicable.
  • Case management – collaboration with school psychologists, and other agencies if applicable.
  • Coordination of services to other service providers such as mental health and private therapists.

Our service locations vary as we meet the clients in the community, in the home, by virtual means, or at the Whitecourt & Area Family Support Program office, operated out of the Carlan Services Community Resource Centre.  Family Support Workers also develop and offer groups that focus on parenting strategies, social skills, emotional health, or other relevant issues. 

Universal Programming/Parent Education provides a variety of free, drop-in and registered programs for families with children/youth 0-18 years old with a focus on early childhood development.  The programs are offered at the Allan & Jean Millar Centre and at various locations throughout the community. 

Funding Agencies:

  • Town of Whitecourt
  • Children’s Services
  • Alberta Health Services – Mental Health

The Whitecourt & Area Family Support Program’s Diversion Services is operated out of the

Carlan Services Community Resource Centre located at 76 Sunset Boulevard.  Contact program representatives at 780-778-8755.

The Whitecourt & Area Family Support Program’s Universal Programming/Parent Education is operated out of the Allan & Jean Millar Centre located at 58 Sunset Boulevard. For more information, call the Family Support Facilitator at 780-778-3637.

Do you have questions about local FCSS Programs? Contact the FCSS Manager at 780-778-3637 ext. 409.