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2023 Interim Budget Report

The 2023 Budget will be finalized in the spring of 2023 once the Provincial budget is adopted, and final assessment figures are established. Specific tax rate impacts will vary by property type depending on the assessed value of a home or business, and will be determined once the final budget is adopted.

2023 Interim Budget Report

Alberta Municipal Affairs - Municipal Indicators

Each year, Alberta Municipal Affairs compiles results of financial and governance performance measures for all municipalities.  The performance measures are used as a benchmark by the Province to ensure Albertans live in viable municipalities that are responsible, collaborative and accountable.  Whitecourt has not triggered any of the critical indicators.

Whitecourt 2021 Indicator Dashboard

Strategic Plan

Council’s strategic plan outlines priorities for governance, community development, infrastructure and service delivery. The plan, which is updated annually, identifies current priorities and where the municipality will focus its resources.

2022 Strategic Plan


20 Year Capital and Major Maintenance Plan

The 20 Year Capital and Major Maintenance Plan provides a vision for the long term development and maintenance of Whitecourt's infrastructure, land development, parks and trails, and building/recreational/cultural facilities to meet the needs of our growing community.  The Plan sets broad direction that helps guide decision making, promotes sustainability in the future, and enhances residents' quality of life.

2022 20 Year Capital and Major Maintenance Plan