Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework

The Town of Whitecourt and Woodlands County jointly decided in November 2020 to proceed to voluntary arbitration to complete the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework.

Arbitration Decision

The arbitrator's decisions was released on February 3, 2022 and can be viewed below.

Woodlands County - Application for Judicial Review and Application to Stay

On March 11, 2022 the Town of Whitecourt received notice that Woodlands County has filed an Application for Judicial Review of the ICF Arbitration Award released February 3, 2022, and an Application to Stay.  Under S. 708.48 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), a municipality can apply for a judicial review to the Court of Queen’s Bench within 60 days on the question of jurisdiction only.

Council discussed the County's decision to make Application for Judicial Review and Application to Stay at its March 14, 2022 Regular Meeting of Council.

On June 22, 2022 Whitecourt submitted a response brief to the Court regarding Woodlands County's Application to Stay.  

The Stay Application was heard June 27, 2022.  Justice Nielson dismissed the application for a stay, and upheld the Minister’s Order to have the parties enter an agreement by August 4, 2022.  

The County’s Judicial Review Application is scheduled to be heard June 2023 with a decision to be made later in the summer/fall of 2023.

As part of the voluntary arbitration process, both municipalities have submitted a number of documents as evidence.  Copies are available for public viewing below.

Do you have questions about intermunicipal agreements? If so, contact the Town Office at 780-778-2273.