The next General Municipal Election is scheduled for October 20, 2025.

Municipal elections are held every four years at which time residents elect one Mayor and six Councillors to a four year term.  In Whitecourt, Council members are elected at-large, which means the Mayor and Councillors represent the entire population rather than a geographical ward.  Voters choose up to six candidates for Council, and one candidate for Mayor.

The last election was held October 18, 2021 to determine the 2021-2025 Whitecourt Council.


 Pickard, Tom 848
Hilts, Ray 817
Chartrand, Darlene 582



McAree, Bill 1399
Schlosser, Derek 1388
Baker, Tara  1327
Lapointe, Serena 1038
Chauvet, Paul 1004
Lanctot, Braden 910
Connell, Adam 865
Ashcroft, Chris 820
Rose, Ashley 810
Day, Raelene  775