Whitecourt Wildfire Update - May 26, 2023

Cooler temperatures and rain have helped in the fight against wildfires in the Whitecourt region.

While the fire hazard remains very high and firefighting crews continue to work, the communities of Fox Creek, Swan Hills, Little Smoky and Yellowhead County have all downgraded evacuation orders, and local residents have been allowed to go home. The special air quality statement for the region has ended.

Over the last three weeks, Whitecourt provided evacuation assistance to over 3,000 residents who were displaced due to wildfires. The reception centre at the Allan & Jean Millar Centre was opened on May 6, and officially closed May 25. The reception centre acted not only as the registration centre to account for those forced to leave their home, but also became the hub for a variety of social support services and information for evacuees.

“In many interviews I was asked about the outpouring of support by Whitecourt residents and businesses to those displaced,” stated Whitecourt Mayor Tom Pickard. “I responded that the community of Whitecourt has always stepped up and that is why we live here.”

The Town of Whitecourt is grateful for all the sponsors, donors, partners and volunteers that provided their time and support to the evacuees.

The Town of Whitecourt will continue to monitor the wildfire situation throughout the region. Daily updates from the Province can be viewed online at https://srd.web.alberta.ca/whitecourt-area-update.

Emergency Management Information

Town of Whitecourt Emergency Management Plan

The Town of Whitecourt has an Emergency Management Plan in place that would be followed if a disaster situation were to occur. The plan outlines how the municipality would work with local emergency service providers, how it would communicate with residents, and how relief efforts would be managed.

There are Whitecourt residents that are unable to attend work due to wildfires in the region.

Residents who have been out of work due for 7 days can apply online at the link below or call the Outreach Support Centre at 1-877-631-2657 for assistance.

Employment Insurance Benefits

The employee will also need to apply for a service Canada account. To do this they will need to apply for a Personal Access Code (PAC) first.

My Service Canada Account

Whitecourt App

Download our mobile app today to access the latest updates and news - and receive notifications in the event of a community emergency.
Download the “Loop for Municipalities” app, select "Town of Whitecourt" and make sure in-app notifications is turned on.

Provincial Emergency Apps

Alberta Emergency Alert and Alberta Wildfire apps are tools that the Town of Whitecourt and Province will use to provide critical information to residents during an emergency. The apps are complementary, and will be used in conjunction with other community tools to inform and engage residents during emergencies.

Residents are encouraged to download the apps to their mobile devices in order to receive alerts. Both apps are free and can be found on the App Store or Google Play. By signing up to receive information directly, users will be better informed about potential risks to their health, safety, and community.

It is critical that the public be prepared for emergencies in order to handle the challenges that our community may face in the event of an emergency.

  • Every family should have an emergency kit that includes water, food, blankets, medications, a radio, and any other specific family needs. 
  • Residents should visit this website or follow the Town's Facebook page.  Also plan to listen to local radio stations for updates and information during an emergency.

Pick up your free duffel bag today and start your 72-hour kit

Whitecourt wants residents to be prepared for an emergency.  To help, we are offering free duffel bags to Whitecourt residents.  Supplies are limited so pick up your today from the Town Office.  (Limit one per household, Whitecourt residents only.)

For more information on how you can prepare visit: