The Town of Whitecourt’s Municipal Cemetery, located at 3604 35th Street, is maintained by the Infrastructure Services Department. Please contact the Planning Assistant at 780-778-2273 Ext.114 with inquiries regarding the cemetery, plot purchases, pre-planning or burial records.

The Cemetery gates (for vehicle traffic) are open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (weather permitting); closed on statutory holidays.  A side gate is available for foot traffic when the main cemetery gate can not be opened due to weather conditions.

To purchase a plot at the Whitecourt Cemetery, please visit the Town Administration Office.

Over the years, many gravesites at the Whitecourt Cemetery have had items left in remembrance at the gravesite which hinder our maintenance department’s ability to maintain the Cemetery grounds to the highest standards possible. 

The Town of Whitecourt requests that all ornaments, decorations, plants and other personal items placed on or around plots be removed.  Removal of items not attached to a monument/headstone (excluding fresh flowers) will allow for efficient year round maintenance, and a consistent aesthetic throughout the Cemetery.

Our intention is to continue to provide proper care to the cemetery grounds and to maintain the respectful decorum that is expected by all residents.  By creating an environment that is consistent for all plots, we will be able to provide a peaceful area for everyone to enjoy.

Fees effective January 1, 2024.  Rates are subject to GST.

Grave Lot Purchase

  • Resident: $515.00
  • *Non-Resident: $645.00
  • Veterans (Field of Honour): No Charge

Niche Purchase in a Columbarium

  • Resident: ***$1,097.00
  • *Non-Resident: ***$1,220.00
  • Veterans: ***$794.00

Opening & Closing Charges

  • Grave opening and closing for casket - $580.00
  • Urn opening and closing (Monday to Friday 10:00am-4:00pm) $193.00
  • Urn opening and closing (after hours, weekends, holidays) ** $67.00/hour (in addition to regular opening and closing rate listed above)

Placement of Second Urn in Niche

  • Extra Engraving (images, inlays, diamond etching): At cost
  • New Face Plate (if required): $193.00
  • Niche Vase: $258.00
  • Second Opening and Closing: $129.00
  • Second Urn Engraving: $515.00

Transfer Application Fee

  • $52.00

*Non-Resident: someone who resides outside of Whitecourt and Woodlands County.

**Opening and Closing fees apply plus after hours and/or holiday hourly rate; weekend opening and closing for urns additional hourly rate applies.

***Cost includes basic engraving for first urn, and opening and closing of the first urn. 

Columbarium Niche Fronts

The purchase of a niche within a columbarium includes the supply of one (1) granite niche front by the Town of Whitecourt.

Grave Plots

The Town does not supply or sell monuments for grave plots.  Loved ones may order a monument through a funeral home or directly from a monument company.

All monuments must be approved by the Town of Whitecourt prior to installation in the Whitecourt Cemetery to ensure they meet the Town’s monument guidelines. Monument guidelines can be found under Section 12 and Schedule “A” of Cemetery Bylaw No. 1563. Monuments that do not meet the guidelines will not be permitted.

We recommend that you contact the Town of Whitecourt prior to monument production to request approval.

MONUMENT INSTALLATION: Please submit a Monument Installation Request to the Town of Whitecourt - Infrastructure Department at planning@whitecourt.ca

MONUMENT REMOVAL: Please submit a Monument Removal Request to the Town of Whitecourt - Infrastructure Department at planning@whitecourt.ca

Due to weather conditions, installation of monuments may not occur from November 1 to April 30.

The Whitecourt Cemetery Master Plan was adopted in June 2022 and provides a conceptual layout of the cemetery to guide future growth and development. 

The Plan was developed by researching community needs and future trends, and in consultation with the community.

Read the plan here.

Cemetery Bylaw 1563

The Town of Whitecourt Bylaw No. 1563, referred to as the Cemetery Bylaw, provides for and makes provisions for the improvement, maintenance, management, control and operation of the Whitecourt Cemetery.

Information Brochure

Do you have questions about the cemetery, plot purchases, pre-planning, or burial records? Contact the Planning Assistant at 780-778-2273 Ext.114.