FireSmart Community

Whitecourt is located in the boreal forest and in the wildland Urban Interface.  Due to this location, there are risks from wildland fire events that could have a serious effect on our community.  Whitecourt has been working on FireSmart initiatives in the community since 2010, and places a high priority on conducting activities and initiatives that will safeguard our community from fire risks.

To learn more about FireSmart activities and projects in Whitecourt, view the report linked below.

Whitecourt FireSmart Annual Report

FireSmart Homeowner Incentive Program

With funding support from Intact Public Entities (IPE) and Intact Financial Corporation, Whitecourt has created the FireSmart Homeowner Incentive Program.  The incentive program encourages homeowners to sign up for a FireSmart Home Assessment, and to conduct recommended FireSmart practices to mitigate wildfire risks on their property.

  • Only Town of Whitecourt homeowners that have had a current FireSmart Home Assessment completed by the Whitecourt Fire Department (as of 2022) and have completed eligible FireSmart activities on their private property as recommended in the assessment will be eligible for funding.
  • Properties located in areas of higher wildfire risk, such as those adjacent to the forested edge of Centennial Park, will be prioritized for funding.
  • By completing recommended work and submitting an application, you are not guaranteed funding.  Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • There are two funding rounds scheduled (based on funding availability) over the course of this program:
    • Round 1 with a deadline of October 1, 2022;
    • Round 2 with a deadline of August 31, 2023.
  • The Whitecourt Fire Department will accept, review and allocate funding per program guidelines.
  • The allocation of the $50,000 for the incentive program was determined by the grant that was awarded to the Town of Whitecourt, and is outlined in the funding table included in the policy.

Policy 23-012 - FireSmart Homeowner Incentive Program

Policy 23-012 - Schedule "A" - Whitecourt Fire Area FireSmart Map

Policy 23-012 - Schedule "B" - FireSmart Homeowner Incentive Program Application Form