Invest in Whitecourt

Whitecourt has a reputation as the place to do business in northern Alberta. We offer a blend of rural and urban living, with a pro-business climate, and superior lifestyle opportunities. Whitecourt's key business advantages include our:

  • Central location between the urban centers of Edmonton and Grande Prairie;
  • Modern recreational facilities;
  • Countless outdoor leisure opportunities;
  • Dynamic and thriving economy;
  • Expanding health services;
  • Affordable housing and living;
  • Young and productive workforce;
  • Excellent transportation system (road, rail, and air);
  • Established telecommunication infrastructure.

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Quick facts:

  • Population: 10,204 (2016 statistics)
    Total Males: 53.4%
    Total Females: 46.6%
  • Average age: 32 years
  • Whitecourt experienced a growth rate of approximately 6.2% since the 2011 federal census.
  • 74% of the population is between the ages of 15 and 64 years (in the labour force).
  • Average number of people per household: 2.6.

Whitecourt Economic Development Package

For more information on Whitecourt contact the Economic Development Officer at 780-778-2273.


2021 Economic development strategic plan

The Economic Development Strategic Plan prioritizes economic development activities for the upcoming year, and identifies how resources will be allocated.

Community Training Needs and Labour Force Analysis 

Responding to employer-expressed needs, the Town of Whitecourt recently commissioned a Community Training and Workforce Needs Analysis to quantify local labour force strengths, and identify gaps in occupational skills and training. The study is now complete, and we thank all those who contributed to the success of this project for their participation and input in the development of study. The Community Training Needs and Labour Force Analysis Report will be utilized to develop strategies and action plans to ensure that Whitecourt and area has the workforce to retain and attract employers both now and into the future.

Whitecourt Biomass Study

Regional pre-feasibility scan of potential biomass supply in Whitecourt.

Alberta Newsprint Company Site Hosting Prospectus

Alberta Newsprint Company (ANC) is actively seeking project developers for Greenfield projects at its 500 acre site located only 10 kilometres outside the Town of Whitecourt.

Geothermal Feasibility Study

In 2018, Terrapin Geothermics completed a study for the Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC) that involved conducting temperature assessments for 42 municipalities, including Whitecourt and Woodlands County.  The study identified that Whitecourt – Woodlands County region has strong potential for direct-use applications and power generation.  Whitecourt submitted the ACP grant application earlier this year, and will act as the managing partner for the project.

The study will also provide an analysis and recommendations of the best use of geothermal resources within our region including analysis of local industrial facility heat and power loads including municipal buildings, recreations centres, and other similar buildings. The expected economic impacts, investment attraction, job creation, short-term drilling and construction work, and long-term value added services available will also be explored.

Do you have questions about investing in Whitecourt? Contact our economic development team or call the Town Office at 780-778-2273