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Press Release

2022 Street Improvement Program Projects have begun

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Construction season is here and crews will be working throughout the summer to complete local road and other infrastructure projects.

2022 Street Improvement Program

Construction crews are in Whitecourt this week to complete concrete work as part of the 2022 Street Improvement Program. Projects include sidewalk repairs, drainage improvements, and catch basin rehabilitation.

  • All concrete work will take place between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
  • Crews will be working along Kimzey Crossing and at the Chickadee Drive cul de sac from May 30 to June 3.
  • Updates will be provided as the work progresses.

Paving projects, including roadway rehabilitation, drainage improvements, and utility cut restorations, are also included as part of the 2022 Street Improvement Program. Paving throughout the community is scheduled for late June.

E Construction, a division of N.P.A Ltd., will be completing the project, and areas to be paved include:

  • Trading Post Trail;
  • Kimzey Crossing;
  • Chickadee Drive cul de sac;
  • Beaver Drive, from Whitecourt Avenue to Pine Road;
  • Park Drive, from Park Heights to Park Circle;
  • 38 Avenue, from Highway 43 to 39 Avenue;
  • Park Drive/Kepler Street intersection;
  • Whitecourt Avenue and McLeod Drive.

Pot Hole Patching and Crack Sealing

Whitecourt experienced drastic temperature swings throughout the winter and spring seasons, which created ideal conditions for the development of potholes and cracks in the roadway. Pot hole patching throughout town has begun, and the annual crack sealing program will begin shortly.

Highway 43 and Highway 32 Construction Projects

Maintenance of Highway 43 and Highway 32 in Whitecourt are the responsibility of Alberta Transportation. Details on projects planned in our region throughout the summer can be found on https://511.alberta.ca.

Regular updates on construction projects will be posted online at www.whitecourt.ca and on the Town’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TownofWhitecourt.