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Community mourns Park victim

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The Town of Whitecourt expresses its sincere condolences to the Mohamed family following the recovery of their son’s body this morning in Rotary Park.

“Our thoughts are with the Mohameds, and their extended family and friends,” stated Whitecourt Mayor Tom Pickard. “This is a devastating situation, and our community is shocked and saddened.”

“The Town of Whitecourt thanks emergency personnel, specifically the RCMP, Whitecourt Fire Department and Alberta Underwater Search Team, and Town staff for their professionalism and dedication,” added Mayor Pickard. “A special thanks to Eagle Tower Victim Services for the support they have provided to the Mohamed family.”

The Town of Whitecourt will reopen Rotary Park and amenities to the public on Thursday, August 18. While the park is staffed with maintenance attendants, it is not supervised. Signs are posted throughout the Park listing rules and water safety reminders.