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Notice to Residents: Mountain Pine Beetle Management Program

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As part of the Mountain Pine Beetle Management Program, we are asking residents to contact the Town of Whitecourt if you suspect you have a Mountain Pine Beetle infested tree on your property.

Residents have until May 13, 2022, to contact the office and arrange a site visit. 

Please contact: Tel: 780-778-2273; or Email: administration@whitecourt.ca

A registered forestry professional will visit your property to inspect the tree(s), and if necessary perform control work at no cost to the property owner.

Mountain Pine Beetle – What are the signs?

  • Fine sawdust at the base of the tree and in bark crevices;
  • Increased woodpecker activity (holes in trees, flaked off bark);
  • Grayish-blue wood.

You play an important role in managing Mountain Pine Beetle infestations in Alberta.

For more information on the Town’s Mountain Pine Beetle Program, visit www.whitecourt.ca.