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Press Release - Whitecourt Town Council Update

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Whitecourt is partnering with municipalities and industry from across the province to advocate for better rail service and capacity. The railway system is critical to Whitecourt’s economy, and there have been concerns regionally regarding railway transportation and decreased carrying capacity.  The Community Railway Advocacy Group will be hiring a lobbying company to execute an advocacy strategy over a 4-month period, demanding better rail service from the two rail companies and from the federal regulator.

Council has approved use of the public parking lot in Rotary Park and the parking lot behind the Whitecourt Legion for use during this week’s Santa Claus Parade.  The Whitecourt & District Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the annual event on Friday, December 2 at 7:00pm.  Street closures were previously approved to accommodate the event.  Details on the parade can be found on the Chamber’s Facebook page.

Each year, Alberta Municipal Affairs compiles results of financial and governance performance measures for all municipalities.  The performance measures are used as benchmarks by the Province to ensure Albertans live in viable municipalities that are responsible, collaborative and accountable.  Whitecourt did not trigger any of the critical indicators, however the Town’s Investment in Infrastructure indicator result was less than the expected result, mainly due to project deferrals due to inflation and limited resources/manpower.  To view a copy of the Municipal Indicator Dashboard for Whitecourt, visit www.whitecourt.ca/Government.

The Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw have been amended to add a new Highway Industrial land use district.  The change follows an application made to allow for light industrial and commercial uses on six lots located on 48 Avenue, east of Mill Road.

Utility Bylaw 1511 has been amended to allow for onsite inspections of sump pumps on private property.   The bylaw amendment also specifies the material specifications for utility service connections.

Whitecourt will be completing parking lot enhancements at the Whitecourt Seniors Circle.  At the request of the organization, additional accessible stalls will be added to allow for closer access to the facility.

Whitecourt has entered into a land lease renewal agreement with the Whitecourt Lions Club.  The Lions Club leases land on the east end of Highway 43 from the Town of Whitecourt to operate the Lions Campground, a popular camping destination in the community.

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