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Proposed Moraine Power Generation Project Moves to Next Stage in Application Process

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Town of Whitecourt & Woodlands County – June 13, 2023

Proposed Moraine Power Generation Project moves on to next stage in application process

Last month, the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) announced it would be accepting comments on the Initial Project Description for the Moraine Power Generation Project from Moraine Initiatives Ltd. (Moraine), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the General Electric Company.

The proposed project, which would be developed in Woodlands County near Whitecourt, involves construction of an approximately 465 megawatt (MW) natural gas-fired power generation facility with integrated carbon dioxide (CO2) capture.  Moraine recently submitted an Initial Project Description (IPD) to the IACC, the federal regulator reviewing the project. 

The proposed project will produce near-zero emissions baseload electricity to meet the needs of Alberta electricity customers. The project is planned to be compliant with Canada’s proposed Clean Electricity Regulations and is aligned with the federal government’s objectives of achieving net-zero emissions from the electricity grid by 2035.

 “Canada and Alberta are creating and enabling a policy, regulatory, and investment framework for integrated power generation and CO2 capture projects, which will play an important role in decarbonizing the electricity sector,” said Ankur Mathur, Vice President of Moraine Initiatives Ltd. “Moraine has the potential to be a market leading, near-zero CO2 emissions power generation project that will deliver reliable, dispatchable, and efficient electricity for years to come.”

The proposed project will mark a new milestone in the energy sector by being the first of its kind in the region.  The proposed project will boost the local economy by supporting new job creation, enhancing sustainability, and enabling the development of CO2 capture and sequestration infrastructure to support future low-emissions investment and growth in the region.

This location was selected for the project not only due to the natural resources and available infrastructure, but also due to the vitality of our community.  Quality of life opportunities, such as health care, recreational, and cultural facilities, are an essential component to attracting and retaining those that will construct and maintain this facility if approved.

“Our team has been working with Moraine Initiatives Limited over the last year in support of the proposed power generation project,” said Whitecourt Mayor Tom Pickard.  “This is great news for our community, and is an encouraging step towards the development of this emerging energy sector in our region and diversification of our economy.”

Woodlands County Reeve John Burrows shared his enthusiasm with the proposed project selecting the area. “There are a variety of natural resource opportunities in Woodlands County, and it is both exciting and optimistic that industry and developers are taking notice of everything our region has to offer, from its geology to its people.”

The IACC is accepting comments on the project until July 7, 2023. For more information, please see the Agency’s public notice.


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Tara Gallant, Legislative Manager

Town of Whitecourt