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Traffic Safety Reminder About the Risks of Speeding

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During the month of April, Alberta RCMP Traffic-Whitecourt Unit and the RCMP Detachment will be focusing on education and enforcement initiatives to reduce speeding.  As the weather warms up, more people and vehicles will be on the highways and users are encourage to follow safe driving habits.  Speeding, while common, is dangerous driving behaviour, with the RCMP having issued 55,000 speeding violations in 2022.  Not only does speeding increase the risk of motor vehicle collisions, but it is a factor in a large number of serious injury and fatal collisions in Alberta.

Practice safe driving habits:

  • Adjust your speed according to the road conditions, speed limits are for ideal conditions. The faster you go, the longer it takes to stop.
  • Don’t be rushed or in a hurry, give yourself additional time to arrive safely at your destination.
  • Take extra care in construction zones, school/playground zones and while passing emergency vehicles, pedestrian traffic can be higher in these areas. Depending on the zone, speed fines can double.
  • School/playground maximum speed is 30 km/h unless otherwise posted. Research the laws as zone hours may vary by municipality.

All users of Alberta highways have a responsibility and a role to play in keeping our highways safe. Alberta RCMP Traffic-Whitecourt Unit and the Whitecourt RCMP detachment hopes that everyone will be safe and practice safe driving habits. 

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