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Whitecourt Land Use Bylaw – Answers to your Planning and Development Questions:

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The Land Use Bylaw impacts everyone in Whitecourt – whether you are building or renovating a home, opening or relocating a business, or building a fence or deck.  The Land Use Bylaw guides the permitting processes and regulates the use of land within our community. 

Not sure if you need a Permit?

As a property owner, you are responsible for making sure your property meets the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw, including having all of the correct permits.

Contact one of our Development Officers for a FREE consultation on your proposed project.

Accessory Buildings & Structures

Sheds and garages require a minimum setback of 2m from your house (including deck) and 1m from your side and rear yard property line.  Permits are required for accessory buildings or structures over 10m2 and for raised decks that are taller 0.6m.

Businesses & Home Occupations

If you are opening a new business or home occupation, or relocating or changing the use of an existing business (i.e. from service to retail), you need to apply for a Development Permit to ensure your business is in compliance with the Land Use Bylaw. In some cases, a Building Permit and Safety Code inspection may also be required. 

Our Development Officers are on hand to assist you with your business permits.                                                

Driveways & Parking Pads

Most residential driveways can be up to 6 metres wide.  In certain circumstances, some driveways can be 7.25m wide - your Development Officer can confirm the maximum width allowed.  All driveways that connect to a town street must be hard surfaced. 

Gravel, river rock, or paving stones placed adjacent to the driveway within the Town boulevard is prohibited. An RV parking pad located completely within a property may be allowed, but check with a Development Officer first to ensure it complies with the Land Use Bylaw.  The Town is currently working on Phase VI of the Residential Boulevard Program, to bring gravel pads into compliance with our Bylaw.

Fence Height

In Residential Districts, most fences can be constructed to a maximum height of 1.8m in rear and side yards, and up to 1.0m within front yards up to the property line.  If your property is located on a corner lot or within a Commercial, Industrial, or Urban Services District, the maximum height of a fence is determined by the Development Authority. Contact one of our friendly Development Officers for more information.

If you have questions about the Land Use Bylaw or permits, please contact the Planning and Development Department at 780-778-2273.