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Whitecourt to host emergency management training exercise May 31

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On Friday, May 31 a full-scale emergency exercise will be hosted by the Town of Whitecourt.  

The exercise will take place between 8:30am and 4:30pm and is designed to practice and evaluate emergency preparedness.  The exercise, which will be held in partnership with Canfor, Millar Western, and a variety of other community stakeholders, will bring together employees with emergency-related roles to test emergency response plans and inter-agency coordination. 

“The simulated scenario will follow all protocols that would be in place during a real-life emergency,” stated Lee Hardman, Whitecourt Director of Community Safety.  “As a community, we are committed to ongoing emergency training, and this exercise will help to enhance and build the skills that our team needs to be prepared for emergencies.”

As part of this simulation, it is anticipated that a large presence of emergency personnel will be visible in the valley/west Whitecourt area.  The public is being asked to remain clear of sites where emergency personnel are operating to allow members to train effectively. 

For more information on emergency management, visit the Whitecourt website.