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Whitecourt Wildfire Update - May 17, 2023

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No wildfire advisories have been issued for the Town of Whitecourt.

A special air quality statement is in effect for Whitecourt as winds have blown smoke from wildfires into the community. Those with health conditions, children, seniors, pregnant women and those who work outdoors are at a higher risk of experiencing health effects caused by the wildfire smoke.

Due to the extreme fire risk, no burning is permitted throughout Whitecourt and the region. Learn more about the fire ban click here.

Employee Insurance Benefits

There are Whitecourt residents that are unable to attend work due to wildfires in the region. Residents who have been out of work due for 7 days can apply online at the link below or call the Outreach Support Centre at 1-877-631-2657 for assistance.

Be prepared

There are no alerts issued for Whitecourt at this time; however, community members should be prepared for an emergency. Make an emergency plan with your family; have an emergency kit ready in your home and car. For tips and checklists, visit www.alberta.ca/emergency-preparedness.aspx.

Evacuation Reception Centre

Effective May 18, the Town of Fox Creek Evacuation Reception Centre will relocate to the St. Joseph Parish Hall (5538 Mink Creek Road). The Centre will be managed by the Town of Fox Creek, and will provide support and information to Fox Creek evacuees. Further information for Fox Creek residents is available at www.foxcreek.ca and related social media sites, or by calling 780-202-4938.

The Evacuation Reception Centre located at the Allan & Jean Millar Centre will continue to accept evacuees and provide support to those from Valleyview and the MD of Greenview. Once registered, evacuees should follow their respective community’s websites and social media pages for updates and instructions.